Nia sian

Nia Sian is a graphic designer based in Holyhead, Anglesey. Having worked on range of projects from large corporate projects to small business branding, Nia has a wealth of experience in managing design projects from initial conception right through to delivery and will ensure that your visions are brought to life.

From pre-design research, mood boards to final production, processes are timely, tailored to your needs and reach your target audience. With a wealth of experience from working with all types of companies from varying industries, Nia understands that every company is different and everyone’s goal is unique. Nia has a passion for great design and how it can help you and your business so every design project is tailored specifically to the clients needs.

Have a look through all my past work. Its continually being updated!

A side hobby which compliments my career choice! 

I often write about my experiences as a designer, and the work that I do.