Nia Sian

In ¬†February 2016, I was chosen (along with a few of my peers from the Bangor Design School) to take part in Enterprise by Design at the Pontio Innovation Centre in Bangor, North Wales. I have briefly discussed it on my linked in profile, because of the amount of skills […]

Enterprise by Design 2016

Last Sunday was a sunny¬†day for a change on Anglesey so off we went out to have a mooch about with the kids. We stopped off at the local car boot sale first of all. While we were doing the “mooching” I came across a stall that was full of […]

Vintage finds great inspiration!

This is the first section of my third year project. Id wanted to design something that would encourage less abled people to recycle more, plus promote independence in activities of daily living. Having begun my career out of school as a trainee nurse and health care assistant, I was able […]

Waste not want not, part 1.

This project was the first major project I did after graduating from university. I was asked by a friend to design a logo for his business (painting and decorating) which was a new venture for him. The customer was quite specific in colour scheme and style but didn’t know how […]

KM Decor8 Branding Project

I was asked by local barber and friend to do a series of advertising campaign posters for use on his Facebook social media page. I used a combination of photography and graphics to show exactly what was being offered and by who. I find this type of advertising, where showing […]

Robs barbers advertising campaign