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Bullet Journaling as a Creative Outlet

I recently started taking bullet journalling a bit more seriously. No, seriously!! I’ve always used a notebook, or a filofax to write down appointments, lists etc. I still have all those notebooks to look back on. But I never thought about being a bit more creative in them. My “modus operandi” was to write the date at the top of the page, then write a bullet point list of tasks that needed to be completed that day. Ticking them off as I went along. Any tasks that I didn’t manage to get done that day were moved onto the next day. Which worked. It worked really well. But it was very functional and I’m a creative type (#cliche!). So I got bored of it quite quickly, and slowly but surely, stopped picking up my planner as often.

Roll on a couple of months and I felt disorganised, stressed and and a bit flat creatively. I have to be honest here and tell you that my work was suffering, the housework wasn’t being kept on top of and I was missing important dates for the kids, like what was planned for the twins Brownies session that evening or appointments for my son. We had a calendar in the kitchen, but it was so cluttered with various things that had been written down, it was hard to keep track of.

Planners to me are more than just something to keep track of appointments and to do lists though. They are a creative outlet (yes, I love stickers and I’m not ashamed!) they’re a place to doodle, jot down ideas for blog posts and youtube videos, brainstorm ideas for new Etsy store products, track various things and yes, write down my thoughts and feelings. They are an extension of our frazzled brains!

So Christmas 2019, I treated myself to a Leuchtturm1917 bullet journal. And so far so good! Bullet Journals are so much better than a ring bound planner in my opinion. I say this with caution though, because I know there is a huge planning community out there, that would instantly criticize my opinion!

Why do I use a bullet journal as a creative outlet? Simply put, I doodle in it. I decorate the pages like the inner child in me wants to. There are so many products on the market these days such as “Adult Colouring” or books on mindful art and the like. To me, decorating and planning out the pages is a form of mindfulness and is a very meditative process. Much like blogging or creating videos for youtube. I find enjoyment in these hobbies and that’s something that many many mums I come across dont have.

If you are thinking about trying a bullet journal, go for it. It’s a very personal form of planning and journaling, but also a very freeing process. And if you need some ideas, check out my youtube playlist!!!