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Enterprise by Design 2016

In  February 2016, I was chosen (along with a few of m

28 Aug 16 Nia Sian

Vintage finds great inspiration!

Last Sunday was a sunny day for a change on Anglesey s

22 Aug 16 Nia Sian

Sketching and Rendering

This is a video I made whilst on school placement. I us

02 Aug 16 Nia Sian

Waste not want not, part 1.

This is the first section of my third year project. Id

02 Aug 16 Nia Sian

KM Decor8 Branding Project

This project was the first major project I did after gr

02 Aug 16 Nia Sian

Robs barbers advertising campaign

I was asked by local barber and friend to do a series o

02 Aug 16 Nia Sian