I’m on Patreon!!

I’ve already started writing about being on Patreon in another post. But never finished it, and apparently never published it. I obviously want to write about it and tell everyone – because if I don’t, whats the point in all this time and effort?! For want of a better word…I’m […]

Design Inspiration – Ysgol Cybi Logo

Back in summer of 2016, I was asked to design a logo for the new super school being built in my home town. This was a biggie for me. Not only was it possibly the biggest design job Id had up to that point, but it was something that was […]

Enterprise by Design 2016

In  February 2016, I was chosen (along with a few of my peers from the Bangor Design School) to take part in Enterprise by Design at the Pontio Innovation Centre in Bangor, North Wales. I have briefly discussed it on my linked in profile, because of the amount of skills […]

Vintage finds great inspiration!

Last Sunday was a sunny day for a change on Anglesey so off we went out to have a mooch about with the kids. We stopped off at the local car boot sale first of all. While we were doing the “mooching” I came across a stall that was full of […]