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Enterprise by Design 2016

28 Aug 16
Nia Sian
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In  February 2016, I was chosen (along with a few of my peers from the Bangor Design School) to take part in Enterprise by Design at the Pontio Innovation Centre in Bangor, North Wales.

I have briefly discussed it on my linked in profile, because of the amount of skills I developed and acquired.

8 week multidisciplinary design challenge for students of Bangor University who took part. I was one of the students who took part in this challenge and was part of a team including and engineering student, a psychology student and a business studies student. Working collaboratively to solve issues related to user experiences of the high street using design thinking and design processes.

As a design student, you are more often than not so engrossed in your own work and making sure that your portfolio represents you as an individual as best as possible, that the chance to develop multi disciplinary or collaborative skills often gets missed, or just not thought about at all.


Design is about mapping out a distinct future.


Here is a short video explaining what Enterprise by Design is by andy Goodman (Design Director at Pontio, Bangor)


The challenge started with creating a team. And the teams had to get to know each other to be able to collaborate effectively. This was done simply by the use of advertising triangles. Participants effectively had to advertise their skills and attributes on the triangle and then walk around until they had met and linked up with a potential team mate. Teams were complete when the pyramid was created through linking the triangles.

chomp 1

chomp points page

chomp 2





For further reading on how effective collaboration can enhance the design process click here

Waste not want not, part 1.

02 Aug 16
Nia Sian
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This is the first section of my third year project. Id wanted to design something that would encourage less abled people to recycle more, plus promote independence in activities of daily living. Having begun my career out of school as a trainee nurse and health care assistant, I was able to see first hand some of the difficulties people can face when trying to remain as independent as possible in their later years. My great grandmother lived till she was 94 years young, and was a big influence in my life, both in terms of respecting elders and making the most of what you have on hand. This is where the “waste not want not” title comes from.

Id love to hear your feedback on the first part of my project. the next three will be up in the coming week!

KM Decor8 Branding Project

02 Aug 16
Nia Sian
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This project was the first major project I did after graduating from university. I was asked by a friend to design a logo for his business (painting and decorating) which was a new venture for him. The customer was quite specific in colour scheme and style but didn’t know how to go about producing business cards, letter heads and compliment slips. To add to this he wanted his Renult Trafic van wrapped in the design signage. Once he and I had worked on the initial design and had finalised the business cards, I then contacted a local vehicle wrapping and signage company to print the graphics and wrap the van.